How We Do It

Our company created a search engine optimization strategy, product development web design analytics, and a paid search to help Bresslergroup succeed.


Founded by Peter Bressler in 1970, Bresslergroup is an award-winning product design firm located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that provides innovative solutions for a variety of industries including consumer, industrial, commercial, and medical.

We were initially hired to develop their new website, but over the years we’ve become an integral part of Bresslergroup’s business. We have helped Bresslergroup generate millions of dollars in new revenue through our meticulous digital marketing strategies.


We established top rankings in Google for several extremely competitive keyword phrases.

With the launch of their user-friendly website, Bresslergroup required exceptional organic search engine optimization to compete against other product design firms. Since the company can provide services to individuals and businesses regardless of their location, we developed a strategy that targeted a nationwide audience.

After reverse-engineering their main competitors and reconciling this with search data provided by Google, we developed a list of the must-have keyword phrases in their industry. Then, by using organic optimization, our product development web design company was able to generate first-page rankings that resulted in a substantial increase in new leads and corresponding business for Bresslergroup.

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    Medical Product Design Ranking

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    Industrial Design Firm Ranking

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    Product Design Firm Ranking

Measure Marketing Campaigns

Measure Marketing Campaigns

Custom Web Analytics

Our Client Extranet offers vital traffic statistics that are used to make critical business decisions.

Knowing general traffic information scratches the surface, but custom analytics give you in-depth knowledge about your visitors and allows you to convert them into sales. For Bresslergroup, we developed tracking code that would allow us to track how users entered their website, where users visited from, which keyword phrase users searched for, and if they ultimately became clients.

With this information, we’re able to learn which keyword phrases convert at the highest rate and focus on those rankings. Our other custom reports show the client how well their advertising campaigns are performing on design directories, bounce rates for mobile users, and a host of other reports.

Paid Search

Over 25% of the leads that come through the website are the result of a paid search campaign.

The combination of our SEO efforts and our paid search campaign has made Bresslergroup visible for the most important and competitive keyword phrases. This has increased their website leads and has provided us with comparison data (between the two campaigns) for the best new keyword phrases.

As our product development web design company continues to manage Bresslergroup’s campaign, we can measure the success of particular keyword phrases and ads to make sure we maximize their return on investment. As the industry changes and new product design advancements take place, we can quickly create new ads and drive new traffic for higher organic rankings. In short, we make sure that no opportunities are missed.

  • Paid Search

    Paid Search Engine Referrals

  • Paid Search

    Google AdWords Ad

Additional Services Provided

Content Strategy

By researching the top competitors in the product design market, we can make content suggestions to maximize rankings.

Web Development

We worked closely with Bresslergroup to create their initial website designs and any revisions as necessary.

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